KARACHI( TRAIQ REPORT ) Iqra University, Karachi held a competition for its students, titled ‘IU Creative Genius’ to hunt for hidden talent in the realm of art and craft. The competition solicited entries from students of media sciences in various categories to compete for the coveted title. Aimed at galvanizingRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( BMZ REPORT )  As part of the ‘Competition Advocacy Academia Drive,’ the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) held a seminar at the Iqra University Islamabad campus in which the participants including faculty members and students of management sciences and economics were briefed on various aspects of the CompetitionRead More →

LAHORE ( HAFEEZ REPORT ) Huawei initiated “Huawei Live” Campaign a few days back and after receiving an unbelievably awe-inspiring response from the youth, the shining star of Pakistani music industry Nabeel Shaukat himself became a part of the campaign and made an appearance in Iqra University. Nabeel’s Rocking performanceRead More →