ISLAMABAD (WEB NEWS) The power sector of Pakistan is a mess and requires comprehensive and swift governance and policy reforms. Some of these include development of business models to boost renewable energy; liberalization of the energy market through deregulation and privatization, renegotiations of generation tariffs for independent power producers, segregationRead More →

KARACHI ( Web News ) It is the religious and constitutional duty of all to lay out a roadmap for the conversion of the financial system of Pakistan to riba-free according to the injunctions of Islam and implement it accordingly. All sectors of government borrowing, external debts, the banking sector, theRead More →

Malpractices, quality issues, lacunas in import regulations hampering solar prosumage efficiency: IPS Study ISLAMABAD ( Web News ) Quality issues in solar panels, procedural malpractices in integration methods, inadequacy in solar product imports and lack of technical inspection for solar installations amid net-metering is hampering the transition towards renewable energyRead More →