ISLAMABAD (PRESS RELEASE) Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) organized Eco Hike for its employees with the commitment to collect garbage along the way and contribute to the cleanliness of Trail 3 in Islamabad. PTCL is proud of all the volunteers, who participated enthusiastically in this activity, and performed their civicRead More →

ISLAMABAD (PRESS RELEASE) Pakistan Telecommunications Company Ltd. (PTCL) organized a day-long hiking trip ‘Trail 5- Eco Hike’ for its employees. This initiative was taken to combine physical activity, team building and picking trash along the way on the hiking track for eco-friendly Margallas. This activity was aimed at promoting PTCL’sRead More →

ISLAMABAD (PRESS RELEASE) To mark Pakistan Day Celebrations, Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company Limited (PMIC) staff engaged in a “Hike and Clean – Trail 3” activity in Islamabad. PMIC staff collected garbage on the trail with the aim to engage in community service to protect the environment. On this occasion, theRead More →