Hisense Residential AC manufacturing facility in Karachi Tri-Angels Electronics Pvt. Ltd. commenced state of the art Air conditioner plant in Karachi to manufacture world renowned Hisense residential AC to provision the Pakistani market. KARACHI ( Web News ) Tri-Angels Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Pakistan’s exclusive licensed company for the Hisense brand, has expanded its manufacturing capacity to include residential air conditioners.Read More →

ISLAMABAD (PRESS RELEASE) Pakistan No.1 Data Network Zong 4G and Largest IoT company of Pakistan BlueEast, a subsidiary of Orient Group of companies, today announced their joint venture for the development of an ecosystem for Internet of Things (IoT). This partnership will contribute towards innovation and digitization across the countryRead More →

ISLAMABAD (HAFEEZ REPORT) Through 20 years of enduring research & development, today Gree stands as the number 1 global air-conditioning enterprise; with 9 production bases, presence in 195 countries and global market share of 30% serving 300 million satisfied customers worldwide. GREE produces 60 million residential and 5.5 million commercialRead More →