Micron banned,China’s latest move will annoy America too much This is part of the ongoing economic rivalry between the United States and China

BEIJING ( Web News )

Chinese, April In the first days of the month, the American memory chip giant of Micron banned the sale of certain products on the grounds of cybersecurity risks. This is part of the ongoing economic rivalry between the United States and China, which greatly affects the global technology supply chain. reflection is evaluated as.

In the previous year, memory chip manufacturer owned by the US, China and operated with government support Yangtze Memory Technologies Corporation targeting him, forbade procurement transactions without approval with him. America also restricted the export of Nvidia’s GPU H100, which revolutionized the last generation of artificial intelligence training, to China.

China Cyberspace Administration last Sunday to leading domestic companies in providing “key information infrastructure”, micron He informed them to cut their business relations with him. It was stated that Micron products cause serious cybersecurity problems and pose a great risk to the country’s key information supply chains.

China’s latest move will annoy America too much

micron, It established its first factory in China 16 years ago, specializing in computer memory and data storage such as dynamic random access memory (DRAM) and flash memory. Chinese, of Micron It is the third largest market, accounting for 10.7% of its annual revenue in 2022.

Chinese officials, of Micron It didn’t explain what kind of cybersecurity risk it poses, but cited the far-reaching China Cybersecurity Law that went into effect in 2016. This law includes rules that strengthen government internet control, such as real-name verification and storing local user data on local servers.