Consumers benefit from the lowest markup, easy loan schemes, CEO Kashmir Bank To Improve services, increase business relations with customers are top priorities, said Khawar Saeed during a visit to operating offices and branches.

Mr. Khawar Saeed, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, visited the field supervisor offices and branches of the institution in Mirpur on Thursday. During the visit, he reviewed the professional performance of the staff and gave instructions regarding the best banking services for the customers. He said that improving customer services and increasing business relations with customers are our top priorities. Due to this, the institution is becoming the center of special attention and interest of the customers. This is the reason that the bank’s profits, assets, deposits, remittances are increasing, which reflects the full confidence of the customers in the bank. He described them as valuable assets while interacting with customers and encouraged to take advantage of the bank’s various loan schemes based on the lowest markup, very convenient and prompt repayment in the market. While instructing the staff to strengthen business relations with customers and improve customer service, he said that the more business relations with customers are strengthened, the more the business of the institution will increase.