PSW Implements E-Phytosanitary Certificates at the Torkham Border The system eliminates the need for physical visits to the DPP offices, completely digitizes the application processing

PSW Implements E-Phytosanitary Certificates at the Torkham Border

ISLAMABAD ( Web News )

Pakistan Single Window (PSW) in collaboration with the Department of Plant Protection (DPP) has successfully rolled out the electronic processing and issuance of the Phyto-sanitary certificates at the Torkham border crossing with Afghanistan. Exports of all commodities falling under the jurisdiction of the DPP will be processed through the Single Window system on the filing of the Single Declaration and will be subject to the electronic issuance of a phytosanitary certificate by the DPP. The system eliminates the need for physical visits to the DPP offices, completely digitizes the application, processing, and issuance process of the phytosanitary certificate, and seamlessly integrates the land border clearances with the PSW system already offering the same services at the seaports and international air freight units.

In a statement released by PSW, the CEO of PSW, Mr. Syed Aftab Haider stated, “Implementation of the electronic Phytosanitary certificate at the Torkham border is an important milestone in the PSW journey for digitization of Pakistan’s cross-border trade and will facilitate the exports of agricultural products and commodities to Afghanistan and Central Asia.” The export rollout will soon be followed by electronic issuance of import permits and release orders on imports of agricultural goods from Afghanistan and Central Asia contributing significantly to the cargo clearance times at Torkham and easing traffic congestion at the border crossing. “Extension of PSW services at Torkham is a clear manifestation of the partnership between PSW and DPP who collaborated actively to design and implement the new system”, the CEO further added.

In order to support the transition, a team of PSW and DPP officials is at Torkham to provide onsite guidance and training to the traders, clearing agents, and other stakeholders. Training and capacity-building sessions are constantly being conducted by PSW to facilitate the transition to the new system. The rollout at Torkham will be followed by implementation at Ghulam Khan, Kharlachi border, and other international border crossing points in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan in line with PSW’s gradual implementation strategy.

Pakistan Single Window is a truly transformative initiative by the Government of Pakistan that aims to digitalize cross-border trade in Pakistan by leveraging modern technology. Once completed it will be connecting 77 government departments, customs, and commercial banks besides several other public and private sector entities on a single electronic platform for customs and regulatory clearances and for providing cross-border trade value-added services.

The PSW system began rolling out in July 2021 and achieved phase 1 completion on June 30, 2022, in line with Pakistan’s commitment under the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement. It currently has more than 53,000 registered users. Services currently offered by the system include electronic customs registration, online processing, and issuance of import permits, Phyto-sanitary/export certificates, release orders and other documents pertaining to various trade regulators, and digital payments. In addition to these services, PSW has also launched its Trade Information Portal – Tradeverse providing a single access point for all information related to imports, exports, and transit also in compliance with Article 1.2 of the TFA.