He did not come out to fight the institutions or spread anarchy. Imran Khan Don't you understand a country gets destroyed when you put thieves in power?" asked the PTI leader.

ISLAMABAD ( Web News )

PTI Chairman Imran Khan Saturday asked the country’s institutions if he was the only one left who has taken a stand against corruption.

Addressing a jalsa at the federal capital’s Parade Ground after leading a rally from Rawalpindi, the former prime minister asked: “Can the institutions not see the corrupt people ruining the country?”

“My question to the country’s institutions is how did you allow these thieves to rule the country? Don’t you understand a country gets destroyed when you put thieves in power?” asked the PTI leader.

The PTI chairman told his supporters that he did not come out to fight the institutions or spread anarchy, but to tell everyone that the nation will not accept the “imported government”.

The former prime minister said that he called off his protest against the coalition government on May 26 because he knew no one would come out after what transpired during the “Azadi March”.

Talking about the clashes that took place between the police and the party supporters during the long march, Khan said that he knew that there would be anarchy if he took to the streets.

“I knew there would be anarchy that evening and people would have come face to face with the police and the rangers,” he claimed. “The nation, the police and the rangers are mine. I don’t want to spread anarchy within my nation. I had set out just for one slogan imported government unacceptable.”

“I had set out for one reason, and that was to [show] all the institutions where nation is standing and what it wants and that it will never accept these thieves,” claimed the PTI chairman.

Khan said that he was out on the streets to “send a message to the institutions that there is still time to save the country” from these “thieves”.

“God will question the judiciary and the neutrals why they let these thieves come to power,” said the ex-premier, adding that “it was God’s command not to remain neutral”.

Talking about the Punjab by-polls that are set to take place on July 17, Khan claimed that the PML-N will win the elections by rigging them. “The people are not with them, but the umpire is with them. We will have to win these elections despite the umpires standing with them,” he added.

Weapon, bullets recovered from PTI supporter 

Prior to the jalsa, the police recovered a pistol and bullets from a person at the Parade Ground’s entrance.

The police said that the gunman named Said Ghani is an employee of the Public Health Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Thirty bores and 10 rounds were recovered from the man. The police have arrested him and an investigation is underway.