Imran Khan announces to carryout long march on 25th May towards Islamabad Says his demand will be dissolution of the assemblies & date for the fresh elections

Imran Khan announces to carryout long march on 25th May towards Islamabad

Says he will wait for PTI workers at 3:00 PM on Srinagar Highway on 25th May

Says his demand will be dissolution of the assemblies & date for the fresh elections

Says Army said it is neutral so it should remain neutral

PESHWAR ( Web news )

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan has announced to carryout long march on 25th May towards Islamabad. Imran Khan said that he will wait for PTI workers at 3:00 PM on Srinagar Highway on 25th May. Imran Khan said that his demand will be dissolution of the assemblies and date for the fresh elections. Imran Khan said that his party wants free, fair and transparent elections and it will be the decision of the masses whether they want to elect his party or thieves.

This was announced by Imran Khan while addressing a press conference along with other party leaders including Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Asad Umar, Parvez Khan Khatak, Fawad Chaudhry and other leader after the party’s core committee meeting in Peshawar on Sunday.

Imran Khan said his opponents made efforts for three and half years in manner so I should pardon their corruption cases and give NRO to them. He said that his opponents were not permitting the assembly to run for three and half years. He said that in return of support legislation on FATF law, his opponents had proposed 34 amendments in NAB law and today they will make effort to abolish the NAB Law. Imran Khan said that the purpose of his opponents is to commit theft and save it. Imran Khan said that all the PTI workers should join the long march and reach at the Srinagar Highway at 3:00 PM, adding that the women, children, students should join the long march as it is jehad against the suppression and injustice, adding that it is the order of Almighty Allah to stand in front of it.

Imran Khan said that we are ready to even sacrifice our lives but we will not accept these thieves. He said that the free and fair elections should be held and if the nation wants to elect these thieves again then we will accept the decision of nation but no foreign country should impose them on us. Imran Khan claimed that during his 26 years struggle he never opted for violence and his politics remained peaceful. Imran Khan said that there is no threat to his life. Imran Khan said that Army said it is neutral so it should remain neutral, adding that I invite families of the civil servants, families of army, ex-servicemen and all segments of society to participate in the long march. Imran Khan feared that internet could be disconnected two days before the long march, supply of petrol and diesel could also be disrupted and transport could also be disrupted. He said that whatever government will do it could not succeed, adding that it is not politics but revolution is coming in Pakistan.

At the beginning of the press briefing, Imran Khan praised the progress his government made during its tenure and criticised the incumbent setup for pushing the country towards bankruptcy.

He then reiterated that a United States-backed conspiracy, “hatched with the connivance of the most corrupt people”, ended up becoming successful in removing him.

Imran Khan said that he had learned of the “conspiracy” in June last year, adding that he had been trying hard to ward it off but, unfortunately, his efforts bore no fruit.

“This conspiracy was not hatched against me but it was a plot against Pakistan,” he said, adding that his government was sent packing at a time when the country was moving towards unprecedented progress in terms of, inter alia, industrial growth and a record-breaking increase in the gross domestic product (GDP).

“Today we held our core committee meeting and we made [important] decisions,” Imran Khan, said at the start of his press conference. “The biggest [question] was when to begin the long march, and we have decided.

“I want to give a little background of how we reached here. There was a foreign conspiracy against Pakistan from the US. In this regime change, they used locals — the most corrupt people, who were ready to become part of any conspiracy to save their corruption.

“This conspiracy was hatched eight months ago and I was alerted about it in June, and after August, I fully understood what was happening. We did our best that somehow this conspiracy could be voided but unfortunately we couldn’t stop it.”

The PTI chairman explained in detail his allegations of conspiracy as well as the purpose of his march before announcing the date.

He said that the foreign conspiracy against Pakistan was hatched in the United States. The corrupt people joined them for regime change in the country. This conspiracy started from last 8 months. I was aware of it since last June.

Further talking about it he said that we have been trying to stop this conspiracy but unfortunately we could not. On March 7, the US Assistant Secretary of State threatened our ambassador. Donald Lu said that if Imran Khan is not removed then there will be problems for Pakistan. This conspiracy was not against me but against Pakistan, said PTI Chairperson.

Before announcing the date of long march, Imran explained in detail the reason for initiating the anti-government movement dubbed as “Azadi March”.

He said the incumbent multi-party government is the result of a ‘foreign conspiracy’ which he claimed was hatched against Pakistan to influence its foreign policy.

“The United States colluded with corrupt individuals for a regime change in Pakistan… I tried my best to stop this conspiracy from happening but unfortunately we could not foil their attempt,” he said.

Reiterating his allegations, he said a day after US Under Secretary Donald Lu threatened Pakistan with consequences, the no-trust motion was filed against his government.

“My government was toppled at a time when all sectors of the country including economy and exports among others were showing an upward trajectory,” he added.