“Lack of research and marketing of unmatured seed has caused big loss to our cash crops,” Dr. Arif

President Alvi stresses need for doing research for better seed of various crops especially rice & cotton to increase yield

KARACHI ( Web News )

President Dr. Arif Alvi has stressed the need for doing research for better seed of various crops especially rice and cotton to increase yield.

“Lack of research and marketing of unmatured seed has caused big loss to our cash crops,” President Dr. Arif Alvi said while addressing 13th annual awards distribution ceremony of Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) here which was also attended by Federal Minister for Privatization Mohammed Mian Soomro, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Marine Affairs Mehmood Maulvi and foreign diplomats.

On REAP side, the prominent were its patron-in-chief Abdul Rahim Janu, Chairman Abdul Qayyum Paracha, Senior Vice Chairman Faisal Jehangir, Vice President Asfaq Ali.

President Dr. Arif Alvi regretted that in the past unmatured seeds of rice and cotton were marketed which created many problems including confusion among the farmers.

Now, he continued, the government had introduced bills to ensure strong checks over sale of low standard seeds along with creating awareness among the farming community to use latest techniques of agriculture to increase yield. The government has also fought for copy rights and protected Pakistani Basmati rice in international market.

He also underlined the need for alternative methods of irrigation to cope with increasing shortage of water in the country.

Sometimes, government had to intervene and suggest the farmers to switch over to another cash crop which needed less water intake.

The country’s population was increasing which need more food and solution lied only in strengthening our agriculture sector through use of modern technology, increased research and training to farmers.

Dr. Arif Alvi emphasized on more value addition in agriculture production including rice, fruits and especially cotton to earn more foreign exchange for the country. He said the world was also moving for organic food including fruits.

Pakistan have to work for the same as there was big demand for organic fruits in the world. He appreciated the REAP efforts to export rice of more than Rs 2 billion despite many challenges due to COVID-19 and hoped they would achieve their target of Rupees five billion export in next couple of years.

He also praised the government policy for manage the covid-19 situation. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision was to save life and livelihood of the people simultaneously which provided very good results.

He also acknowledged the positive attitude of the people of Pakistan to fight Covid pandemic. He said there was need for intellectual decisions to navigate the country to prosperity and the present government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan had succeeded on many fronts.

Pakistan’s economy was now stable with growth rate of 4 percent. “All things are moving rightly and Pakistan would emerge as strong country”, he remarked.

Earlier, he distributed awards among 100 top rice exporters.


Patron-in-Chief of REAP, Abdul Rahim Jannu and Chairman REAP Abul Qayyum Paracha briefed the President about the issues and hindrances in export of rice.