Samrah Enterprises Introduces Mission Foods in Pakistan

KARACHI ( Web News )

Samrah Enterpriseshas just announced the addition of Mission Foods to its existing range of brands.

Samrah Enterprises is thrilled to introduce Shawarma Wraps of Missions Foods to Pakistan. These wraps are available in four different variants, the original wraps, potato wraps, garlic wraps and wheat wraps – eachhaving eight pieces and priced at RS 490. They are soft, quick, and easy to prepare.

“After years of market research and tasting, we have now introduced shawarma wraps by Mission Foods in Pakistan, “said, Syed Muhammad Salman, VP Marketing, Samrah Enterprises. “Samrah Enterprises is committed to making life easier for its consumers by providing them with products that are not just easy to use but also trustworthy.”

“We are thrilled with the introduction of our latest brand Mission Foods,” said Samrah Munsub, Director, Samrah Enterprises. “Mission Foods is a pioneer in the market of flatbread hence this new addition falls in line with our mission to provide the best choices to our consumers.”

Mission Foods operates in many parts of the world and they are fundamentally involved in the production, marketing, distribution and sale of products like shawarma wraps. They have been operating successfully for over 60 years now and manufactures over 25% of the world’s flatbread, making them a global leader in the market amongst these products.

All products by Mission Foods will be available to purchase at all leading supermarkets in Pakistan.