Pakistan stock market continued to dominate on Monday

KARACHI (Web  News)

The Pakistan stock market continued to dominate on Monday and the KSE 100 Index fell further by a psychological limit of 46 thousand points to a level of 45890.57 points while the share prices of 55.55 percent companies were recorded to decline. As a result, investors lost Rs. 54 billion In terms of share transactions, the business volume was 3.92% higher than the previous trading session. Trading in the Pakistan stock market began in a positive zone, which led to a high of KSE 100 Index 46407 points in the early hours. Shares from investors Sales pressure increased, resulting in a recession and the index fell below the psychological limit of 46,000 points to a low of 45,765 points. The trend continued till the end, and at the end of the business, the KSE 100 Index 337.61 points fell to 45,890.57 points. Decreased SE 30 Index 171.55 points The KSE All Shares Index fell 203.61 points from 19059.09 points to 31647.57 points. Shares of a total of 414 companies traded yesterday, with a share price of 162 companies rising to 230. Decreased and stabilized at 22. Total share prices of most companies fell Capital decreased from Rs#/S

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