The boom in the stock market, restoring the psychological range of 46 thousand

Karachi(Web  News)

The Pakistani stock market continued to dominate on Monday, restoring the psychological limit of 46 thousand KSE 100 indexes and raising the index to 219.60 points to 46087.64 points while recording an increase in share prices of 54.58 percent companies. From which market capital  also recorded an increase of Rs 28 billion 60 crore 61 lakh and the business volume in terms of share transactions was also 9.15 per cent higher than the previous trading session. Trading in Pakistan’s stock market began on Monday in a positive zone and was profitable by investors. Of companies Interest in the purchase of shares continued to rise, resulting in the restoration of the psychological limit of KSE 100 Index 46 thousand and reached a high of 46189 points. Later, the psychological limit of 46100 could not be maintained but the rapid trend prevailed and at the end of the business. KSE 100 Index 219.60 points The increase closed at 46087.64 points. The addition of similar SE30 Index 104.54 points reached the level of 19165.52 points and the KSE All Shares Index increased by 109.54 points to 31950.46 points Prices remained stable. Due to the rapid rise, the market investment value increased from Rs. 153 crore 31 crore to Rs. 16 lakh to Rs Shares of Ormari Petroleum fell by 17.89 rupees to 1409.19 rupees.

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