The government has launched a program to certify 100 Pakistani customer contact centers


In yet another major development to boost IT industry growth, the government has launched a program to certify 100 Pakistani customer contact centers to the globally recognized and coveted ISO18295 standard. Pakistan’s BPO industry is a major contribution to Pakistan’s economy providing much needed jobs and export earnings. Pakistani customer contact centers are providing services to both local and international customers and count world’s prominent companies among its regular clients. International certifications hold an exceedingly significant value in providing instant recognition to IT companies and enhances their marketability and value in the global outsourcing market. One such certification is ISO 18295 which specifies service requirements for customer centers. Global customer contact centers market is highly competitive and therefore both service centers and their corporate clients must demonstrate that they can offer a consistent and sustainable level of excellent customer satisfaction for retaining customers which is why ISO 18295 is so important for Pakistani customer contact centers in the quest for capturing larger share of business from global outsourcing markets such as North America Market. Pakistan Software Export Board is paying special attention to enhance growth of call center industry in Pakistan and is extending all possible support. It is in this context that a program for assisting 100 customer contact centers to achieve ISO18295 has been launched. Government would bear 90 % of that cost while only 10 % will be paid by the customer contact centers. IT industry has been a star in Pakistan’s economy. The IT industry comprising 5000 companies is providing state of the art products to world’s largest entities in over 120 countries.

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