Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) continued its bullish trend on Wednesday


The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) continued its bullish trend on Wednesday and the KSE-100 index crossed the psychological threshold of 46,000 after 32 months, rising another 169.92 points to a high of 46091.96 points while 54.23% An increase in prices was recorded as a result of which an increase of Rs. 1.98 billion was recorded in the market capitalization and the trading volume in terms of share turnover was also 2.34% higher than on Tuesday. Trading in Pakistan Stock Exchange started positive on Wednesday. The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) started trading in the positive zone on Wednesday and investors remained active in buying shares of oil and gas and banking sectors, which led to a sharp rise and during trading the SE 100 Index crossed the psychological level of 46,000. Reached a high level of 46315 points. Later, due to profit taking trend, the psychological limits of 46300, 46200 and 46100 could not be maintained. However, the rally continued till the end and at the end of trading, the SE-100 Index rose by 169.92 points to close at 46091.96 points, the highest level in the last 32 months. With an increase of 5.07 points, it reached the level of 32064.18 points. A total of 437 companies traded yesterday. Out of which, share prices of 237 companies increased, share prices of 183 companies decreased and share prices of 17 companies remained stable. Shares of Pakistan rose by Rs 74.60 to Rs 6,735 and Seap Higher Fiber rose by Rs 68 to Rs 988, Colgate Palmolo fell by Rs 100 to Rs 3,100 and Bahenero Tax fell by Rs 66.55 to Rs 585.44.

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