ISLAMABAD ( PRESS RELEASE ) As the corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to impact lives across Pakistan, Jazz is mobilizing its resources to fight against the virus’ spread and safeguard service continuity for over 60 million subscribers. Following meetings with the Ministry of National Health Services, National Disaster Management AuthorityRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( PRESS RELEASE ) According to a new report by the European Patent Office, Huawei—a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices—filed more patent applications in Europe than any other company last year, pioneering the development of solutions to support digital transformation worldwide. OfRead More →

Kanwal Ashraf The ongoing spread of the new corona virus has become one of the biggest threats to the global economy and financial markets.From an economic perspective, the key issue is not just the number of cases of COVID-19, but the level of disruption to economies from containment measures. JustRead More →

 کورونا وائرس کی وبا کے دوران ڈیجیٹل طریقے سے ادائیگیوں کو فروغ دیا جائے،سٹیٹ بینک صارفین کے لیے اسٹیٹ بینک کے رئیل ٹائم گراس سیٹلمنٹ سسٹم کے ذریعے رقوم کی منتقلی پر تمام چارجز ختم کردیں لاگت کے بغیر موبائل فونز یا انٹرنیٹ بینکاری کے ذریعے رقوم منتقل کر کےRead More →