Meeting of cyber security alliance of Pakistan


Today, a meeting of Cyber security alliance of Pakistan was held in Islamabad in which senior level reps from FIA, HEC, Ministry of IT, universities and grass root organizations participated. During the meeting Mr. Ammar Jaffri (Former Additional Director General of FIA and President of Cyber security alliance of Pakistan) explained the aims and objectives of the alliance which aims to bring on board all relevant stake holders of cyber security in Pakistan working with public and private organizations. The other objectives of the alliance is to bring on board Pakistanis’ living abroad who can contribute In the cyber security of Pakistan. These overseas Pakistanis’ volunteer to security cyber space in Pakistan. Most of them are PhDs in cyber security and currently working in the relevant organizations in different countries. Mr. Jaffri explained the objectives of the alliance and the way forward which include the formation of cyber security in a form of cyber security alliance board which will comprise of reps of different organizations and this board will take all stake holders of cyber security on board and contribute the foundation of strategy, policies, standards and other concern initiatives about cyber security in Pakistan. The meeting concluded with the vote of thanks to all participants.

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