Zong hosts Iftaar for Street Children of Islamabad


“A New Hope” volunteers of Zong 4G’s flagship CSR program took the opportunity over this weekend to spend an Iftaar with the Street Children of Islamabad. The children dwell in the urban slums of the Bari Imam area of Islamabad and sustain themselves by washing cars, picking garbage and selling small merchandise on the streets.

Earlier this year, Zong 4G had setup a 4G internet lab for these children at their school, connecting them to the virtual world for the first time. Since then, Zong’s volunteers have been delivering Internet awareness sessions to these children in a renovated and more modern environment,

Recognizing the fact that Ramzan is a time of sharing prosperity and helping the neglected segments of the society, the volunteers took Iftaar packages for the children and shared the meal in a festive atmosphere.

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