The HB Group, signed a partnership agreement with Huawei for fastest broadband


The HB Group, which purchased Wi-Tribe from Qatar’s national telecom company Ooredoo, has confirmed that it has signed a partnership agreement with China’s leading Telecom company, Huawei, to deliver Pakistan’s fastest home broadband service.

The partnership is part of $50M investment programme embarked on by the HB Group to upgrade and modernize broadband services in Pakistan following its acquisition of Wi-Tribe in March last year.

Commenting on the investment, Wi-Tribe Supervisory Board Chairman Shahid Malik said, “Within six months time over 1 Million households will have access to the fastest wireless home broadband service in Pakistan using the most advanced technology currently available anywhere in the world.

Shahid Malik described the investment as a “game-changer” for the company, stating, “This is a game-changer and positions us as the stand out number one home broadband service provider in Pakistan and delivering a huge advantage over our competitors.

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