Samsung Note 7 went through two separate battery problems


Samsung will reveal that the Note 7 went through two separate battery problems on its way to the dustbin.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which reportedly obtained the report Samsung will reveal and elaborate on at a press conference in Seoul this Monday (Sunday evening in North America), the Korean giant suffered two major yet separate issues with the batteries in the Galaxy Note 7.

The report, which was generated by three independent analysis firms, states that the problems with the initial batch of batteries, built by Samsung SDI, were physically too big for the Note 7 chassis, causing a small number of them to overheat and catch fire.

The real absurdity in the story comes from the findings with the second batch, which were built by Amperex, another supplier of Samsung’s batteries. Those cells were found to have an unspecified manufacturing defect caused by ramping up a production line that wasn’t ready to scale. In other words, different cause, same problem.

In all, Samsung reportedly lost about $5 billion from the Note 7 recall, which didn’t hinder its ability to earn record profits in the fourth quarter. But the question of the company’s long-term reputation is still very much in the air, especially since it will come to light through this report that corners were cut in expediting the first recall.

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