MoIT get administrative control of PTA & FAB


Prime Minister of Pakistan has given the Ministry of IT and Telecom the administrative control of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Frequency Allocation Board (FAB), we have checked.

Prime Minister office has already issued the notification and that necessary arrangements are being made to shift the control of regulatory authorities.

With this development, PTA and FAB will no longer report to Cabinet Division, but will instead come under direct control of Ministry of IT and Telecom.

It maybe recalled that PTA was administratively under IT and Telecom division previously as well until it was given to Cabinet Division during Musharraf era.

It must be mentioned that with administrative control, now Ministry of IT will be directly responsible for appointment of PTA Chairman and members. Moreover all sorts of budgets, appraisals, various kinds of summaries, audit reporting and other official matters that require external approvals will also be catered by MoIT.

In addition to PTA and FAB, following regulatory bodies were also moved from Cabinet Division to respective divisions:

  • National Electric Power Regulatory Authority: Water and Power Division
  • Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority: Petroleum and Natural Resources Division
  • Public Procurement Regulatory Authority: Finance Division

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