Explore Business and trade ties between Pakistan & Turkey. Ruhi Deniz


Pakistan and Turkey have huge potential for mutual trade and business opportunities in different sectors of economy. The opportunities in IT and computer sector could also be explored by enhancing interaction between the business communities of the two countries. This consensus view point was emerged during the meeting between the delegation of Pakistan Computer Association (PCA) and Ruhi Deniz, commercial councilor at Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Pakistan.

The PCA delegation led by Munawar Iqbal, the president of association and AR Tahir, Saleem Farooq, Jamal Yousaf and others as members, presented various aspects of the working of PCA, its  objectives and vision for strengthening IT and computer industry in Pakistan.

Munawar Iqbal, during his briefing, informed Ruhi Deniz that PCA being only representative body of computer industry in Pakistan including covering hardware, software and other related ranges of business aims to contribute in enhancing international trade of Pakistan for this particular sector.

The members of delegation AR Tahir, Saleem Farooq and Jamal Yousaf said that PCA is working all over Pakistan with chapters in all the major cities and hence linked with thousands of stakeholders. The delegation was of view that the avenues of Joint venture in IT related business and trade could be explored.

Ruhi Deniz while appreciating the propositions presented by the members of the delegation suggested that PCA may form a committee as fellow up of this meeting and to identify areas for business relationship between the two countries.

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