Pta supporte for suggested tax-cuts on Telecom & ICT sectors. Dr Shah


Discussing the taxation structure of the Telecommunications and ICT industries, the Chairman Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) – Syed Ismail Shah along with the Member HRD, Ministry of Information Technology, Government of Pakistan – Mr. Tahir Mushtaq expressed agreement with the comment of Ms. Jehan Ara, President of Pakistan Software Houses Association [email protected] who stated that; “There is a need to reduce the tax burden on fast-growing, high-potential sectors like Telecom and ICT, to give them the freedom to grow faster, enrich the national economy with healthy revenue-streams and create new employment opportunities.

Telecom specialists and distinguished speakers at the 8th Pakistan TeleCON-2015 conference presented progressive ideas for deployment of Next-Generation technologies in the Telecom and ICT sectors of Pakistan, to enable swift economic growth and consumer satisfaction. The theme of this conference held in Karachi was:“Facilitating innovation in business and social dynamics”.

During his keynote address, the Chairman PTA stated, “according to ITU Broadband is the fastest growing technology in the world today. Within a year of launching next –generation technologies, Pakistan has achieved over 13.02 million subscribers of 3G and 4G. There has been a 590% growth in Mobile Broad Band penetration in Pakistan, which amounts to 7% of the total market, reflecting 74% SIM Penetration across the country.

The renowned Nuclear Physicist and intellectual of Pakistan, Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy stated that; “As a nation, Pakistan consists of people who are primarily the “Consumers” of knowledge and technology. However, we must endeavour to become “Producers” of knowledge and technology.  Distance learning can revolutionize our educational institutions and eliminate its inadequacies.” He also said; “The future technologies will not be based on Solid-State devices, Artificial Intelligence is growing in leaps and bounds to revolutionize the world and we should be geared up to compete in that new world. Cyber-crime and security are on top of the US agenda, and I feel that Pakistan is not less susceptible or less vulnerable than those developed nations”. Dr. Hoodbhoy also supported the earliest deployment of net-metering methodology for effective electricity distribution and production.

Mr. Tahir Mushtaq – Member HRD, Ministry of Information Technology, Government of Pakistan stressed the need for using advanced technology for social development and delivering modern educational and health-care benefits to the deprived segments in the urban, rural and remote regions. Mr. Nadeem Hussain, Founder, President & CEO of Tameer Microfinance Bank (Telenor “Easy Paisa”) gave an inspiring presentation on enabling a paradigm shift in Mobile Banking to empower the underprivileged segments. The rapid increase in the number of Mobile Banking customers has revolutionized the scale of financial inclusion in the country.

The CEO of Reon Energy Solutions – Mr. Inam ur Rehman discussed revolutionary technologies for generating Renewable Energy, which provides sustainable and viable solutions for the energy crisis and can ensure uninterrupted power supply to hi-tech industries like Telecom and ICT. The Convener of the forum and the CEO of SHAMROCK Communications Pvt. Ltd. – Mr. Menin Rodrigues stated that: The national telecommunication objectives and policies need prompt realignments to accommodate rapid technological advancements in the global telecom arena. For 8 consecutive years now, this forum has inspired persuasive dialogues and wisdom-sharing for deploying the next-generation technologies, besides expanding the outreach.

Other prominent speakers who enriched the conference with their extensive knowledge and deep insights included; President of Pakistan Software Houses Association ([email protected]) – Jahan Ara, the CEO of Ericsson Pakistan – Mr. Ashley Gold. The CEO of National Data Consultant (Temenos) – Ms. Ammara Masood, Director “The Brand Crew” Amin Rammal, CEO Nex Degree Pvt. Ltd. – Imran Moinuddin, iOS Developer Pan-Cloud Ltd – Zia Khan, Digital Media Expert – Ms Mahawish Rezvi and MD Psychiatry from AKUH – Asstt. Prof. Dr. Ayesha Mian.


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