Moit failed to achieve spectrum auction goal !!


As reported earlier in that MOIT was in the process of holding a new auction of the remaining spectrum. However it seems that it will fail in this endeavor as the major stakeholders have expressed lack of confidence and interest. Minister of State, Anusha Rehman has also tried her hand on international forums and conferences to attract international telecom companies to participate in remaining spectrum auction. However according to confirmed sources, this has not been fruitful yet.

With SIM re-verification process, the chances of holding a spectrum are becoming slimmer. With only three months remaining in the fiscal year, it seems that there will be no auction soon. Zong has been the frontrunner in the auction held last year by winning both 3G and 4G auction. Many in telecom sector believe that among the telcos, only Mobilink is seen as a potential participant of the auction as it wants to hold the same ground as Zong.

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