Mobilink biggest loser in terms of SIMs that have been blocked !


With the second phase of the nationwide SIM re-verification process underway, Mobilink has emerged on top with the most number of SIMs re-verified.  However it is must be added here that the biggest loser in terms of SIMs that have been blocked is also Mobilink. The number of SIMs that have been blocked across the country is approximately more than 11 Million and Mobilink has the lion share of these SIMs whereas the rest are shared by other telcos.

Cellular companies have gotten 74,636,172 SIMs re-verified on 58,240,851 CNIC’s till 26th March 2015. Mobilink is right now on the top with number of 21,910,704 SIMs verified against 17,904,740 CNICs. Telenor is second in ranking with 19,579,684 SIMs verified on 14,181,172 CINCs whereas Zong is on the third position with 13,388,147 SIMs verified against 10,237,434 CINCs. Ufone is closely following Zong with 11,905,068 SIMs against 10,012,872 CINCs. Warid has gotten 7,852,569 SIMs against 5,904,633 CNICs.

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