Irregularity in PTA ! Two members got excess salaries.


Another irregularity reveled in Telecom Authority watchdog of Telecom industry in Pakistan which have been assigned to reshuffled all Mobile consumers data’s. Its very important and essential job assigned by Interior Ministry clean illegal Sims. Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif Finance Minister Ishaq Dar Cabinet Sectary and State Minister Moit Anusha Rehman Khan should take notice irregularity in Watchdog of telecom industry.

The audit officer report irregularity in Pakistan Telecom Authority regarding resignation acceptance without recovery of one month salary in lieu of resignation. According to clause 24 of PTA Employees Service Regulation “ In case of appointment on contract, the contract may be terminated , without assigning any reason, by the Chairman or by the employee concerned on one month’s notice or one month Gross Salary in lieu thereof, as the case may be”.

The audit officer reported that during test check of personal file of Human Resource Directorate, it has come to notice that five ( 05 ) officers have resigned from PTA without one month notice. The resignations were accepted without recovery of one month salary in violation of the above provisions. All the resignation accepted without following the PTA own regulation and the conditions waived off by the Chairman. Audit is of the view that if it is a routine to waive off the subject conditions then there is no effectiveness of the subject clause of regulation as mentioned above

In the report also mentioned that Mr Abdul Samad appointed as Member Compliance and Enforcement on 30th of May 2014 but his resignation from PTA did not mentioned in Authority Human Resource Directorate record. Mr Tariq Sultan also have been appointed as Member Finance but date of his resignation also not mentioned in Authority record.

Another document revealed that resignation from PTA service tendered by Mr. Tariq Sultan in the capacity of Director General (SEG-1) has been accepted by the Chairman PTA with effect from 27th September,2013 (F.N) with the condonation of one month’s notice period. The date of appointment as Member Finance. But the office order issued on 29th May 2014 after eight months.

Audit officer raised another objection regarding excess payment on account of pay & allowances Rs. 1.133 Million to two members of PTA. Two members of the authority i.e Member (Finance) and Member Compliance were appointed in MP-II by the Government of Pakistan and requires to be fixed pays at minimum of the MP-II. The record of P & C division and pay bills revealed that the pays of the officers have been fixed on maximum of MP-II in violation of the regulation Section 3 (7) of Pakistan Telecommunication (re-organization) Act, 1996 ( amended, 2006). This resulted in excess payment of Rs 1,133,000 to two Members.