Sims Re-verification Issue. Big Gaps between Two Parties


In a high level meeting chaired by Interior Minister, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan today SIM verification issue was discussed with telcos. In the aftermath of the Peshawar tragedy, the government has been pressurizing the telcos to re-verify all prepaid SIMs in the country. Though the telcos have shown their positive response and their cooperation in this matter there were still big gaps between the two parties.

The telcos informed the Minister that though they can verify the SIMs again, it cannot be accomplished within the short time frame suggested by the Government. The Government had earlier suggested that the SIMs should be verified within weeks. This was not acceptable to the telcos as they don’t have the resources to do this in such a short notice.  They have proposed that they can complete this process within 150 days and if the SIM verification is done block by block.

Telcos assured and stated clearly that they respect Pakistan and its people, they want to foster peace and prosperity for which they are ready to cooperate in any way. It should be noted, the Telcos are responsible for the largest foreign direct investment in the country and if short term measures are taken for re-verification of prepaid SIMs, it would not yield the desired results and harmful for the companies and country.

Ch. Nisar patiently listened to the representatives of Telcos and reiterated his earlier demand for quick action as he said that Government is also under pressure to resolve this issue. From a reliable source, it has been reported that meeting has been adjourned inconclusively and will reconvene tomorrow (Tuesday).

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