Cellulars’s meeting with Interior Minister postponed

Updated……  Interior Minister meeting with cellulars postponed till on Monday.


Currently there are 0.5 million illegal SIMs of various cellular companies being used by unauthorized subscribers. Interior Minister will have meeting with representatives of cellular companies which has been called on December 27, 2014 to chalk out a clear-cut policy on illegal SIMs that are posing a serious security threat.  This meeting will help in countering this grave issue which has been plaguing the telecom sector for many years. The situation that has been caused after the tragic Peshawar massacre has led  regulatory authorities to scrutinize one of the two major companies.

According to well placed source, it has been revealed that there is going to another show cause notice against  one of two major companies of the country. This show cause notice is being sent due to the five sims found on the terrorists involved in the terror incident which points to one of the two companies.

These events also remind one about the rumors that mobile companies were ordered that all prepaid sims were to be banned within 28 days. However it was found that these were mere rumors and nothing of this sort happened.

The law-enforcement agencies are searching for a former employee of a cellular company who had issued five SIMs [Subscriber Identity Modules] on a woman’s name from southern Punjab and those SIMs were used by terrorists in the Peshawar school attack. This was revealed by Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Tuesday while chairing a meeting of a parliamentary committee constituted for forming a ‘National Action Plan’ in the wake of the Peshawar massacre.

Ehtesham, a former employee of a cellular company, who is currently at large after the Peshawar attack, had issued five SIMs to a woman who has already been taken into custody. The primary investigation, according to the Interior Minister, revealed that the woman in custody has no link to the Peshawar attack but her National Identity Card was misused by the company official and the law-enforcement agencies are conducting raids at various locations to arrest him. The sources said the authorities also approached the cellular company and it was revealed that the suspect had been sacked by the management of that company on charges of leaking data of subscribers.

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