HP INC intends more investment in Pakistan


HP INC-USA, a leading global player in IT and Computer industry has hinted to bring more investment in Pakistani computer industry after the current political turmoil in the country is over. Yousaf Jamal Senior Vice President Pakistan Computer Association (PCA) said this on his return from Thailand after attending annual HP PPS IPG Channel Odessey-2015.
Jamal who was only participant of the event from Pakistan also met with Deon Wiesler President HP INC. He presented an overall outlook of the IT and Computer industry of Pakistan and said that despite of challenges, the industry has shown a remarkable resilience.
According to senior office bearer of PCA, during his meeting with the head of HP INC, DeonWieslerhas been quite appreciative of the Pakistani IT and Computer industry and said that HP has achieved its targets regarding Pakistani market which shows healthy prospects for the market in future.
Deon Wiesler on the occasion said that Pakistan IT and Computer industry has huge potential and HP INC intending to bring more investment in the market once the ongoing political turmoil in the country getting settled down, Jamal concluded.PCA 001

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