Yasir Qadir with less experience enjoying high position !


A special officer Mr Yasir Qadir Director Telecom MoIT – a person who did not meet even the basic selection criteria. The said position required 12 years of experience with at least 6 years post qualification experience of a senior post, something which Mr Qadir did not possess at the time of his application for the post of Director Telecom and his selection for the same post (Complete story published in The News August 25, 2013). This information can be checked for authenticity from MoIT records.


Year Qualification
2001 Bachelor of Engineering
Jul ’03 to Oct ‘04 Master of Science
Feb ’09 to ‘10 MBA


Feb ’02 to Sep ‘02 Zong 9 months
Oct ’02 to Jul ’03 KESC 9 months(dismissed from services)
Dec ’04 to Jul’05 PTA 7 months
Jul ’05 to Apr ‘07 PTA 1 year 9 months
May’ 07 to Jun ‘11 PEMRA 4 years 1 month
Total 7 years 9 months

Mr Yasir Qadir has also included the time he spent abroad to acquire his MS and MBA degree in the experience he claims to have. Thus, 3 years and 3 months of this declared time should not be counted. As such Mr Yasir Qadir has only the post qualification experience of 4 years and 8 months. As mentioned earlier, the advertisement of the Director Telecom post required 12 years of service and 6 years of experience at senior management position. Mr Yadir Qadir possesses neither of those.

Mr Yasir is in fact a junior officer appointed as Director Telecom; because of his close relation to the Raja Perviaz Ashraf , he is enjoying key positions in the industry. He was given charge of Member Telecom for over one year during which his incompetency cost the industry millions of rupees. He is currently also serving as CEO ICT R&D Fund – (his contract expired on 9th October, 2014, yet he is currently availing all the privileges of his post) a position awarded by the minister herself – despite the presence of a Member Telecom.

To ensure that the charge of CEO ICT R&D remains with Mr Yasir Qadir, the minister is pushing to get his contract for Director Telecom renewed. Another interesting thing is that the minister has gotten rid of all other subordinates who were hired during the PPP tenure namely Member Legal and Member IT. Mr Yasir Qadir is the only employee hired during the PPP government who has managed to hold onto his position in the ministry .

I bring forth this information in your kind notice so that we may protect a potentially profitable industry which can uplift the economy of the state. We must stop nepotism in our organizations so that meritorious and deserving people can come forward and work towards the betterment of the nation.

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