AMANTELEHEALTH, a 24/7 Health Helpline, announced the short code 9123


AMANTELEHEALTH, a 24/7 Health Helpline, announced the launch of its short code 9123 to provide Pakistanis with easier and quicker access to health advice, information and mental health counseling. AMANTELEHEALTH services are accessible on the short code 9123 through mobile phone; on landline it is connected through 021-111-11-9123.

Dr. Junaid Abdul Razzak (CEO – Aman Health Care Services) states “poor health outcomes occur in lower-income communities not because of poor access to health care services but due to lack of knowledge for access of these services. AMANTELEHEALTH Helpline is an attempt to reduce knowledge disparities and to improve the health of the masses”.

AMANTELEHEALTH is a 24-hour round the clock, 26-desk Health Helpline service with medical advisors, counselors, and doctors providing health advice, referral information and counseling over the phone.  This empowers and encourages women and youth in particular seek timely medical advice and counseling that otherwise would not be accessible to them.

Through successful early stage interventions, AMANTELEHEALTH aims to curb complications arising from unattended medical conditions and overcome barriers to accessing health services, such as lack of transportation and high costs.

The main objective of AMANTELEHEALTH is to reach the lower socioeconomic classes across Pakistan and provide on-time health advice and information. The first step is launching 9123.

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