We are pleased to announce that on 16th September, 2014, Dr. Markus Ederer, State Secretary of the Foreign Office in Berlin, and German Counsel General, Dr. Tilo Klinner, visited AMANTECH. This high-profile delegation was welcomed by AMAN Foundation CEO, Ahsan Jamil, and Head of Special Projects, Mustafa Bhaiwala. The visit was a means to further strengthen the existing relationship between AMANTECH and its German partners under the GPATI (German-Pakistan Training Initiative) program. AMANTECH has been implementing the German Dual-Vocational Training Model in accordance with this partnership across its existing programs as well as currently developing simulators with an aim to incorporate this model as a cornerstone into the Pakistani vocational training landscape. Dr. Tilo Klinner stated, “Aman Foundation’s GPATI program is one of the most important projects in Pakistan, as it serves to help the development of the economy and not only decrease, but potentially diminish poverty”.  Since it has commenced, GPATI has been a great success and is becoming very popular amongst other companies and organizations. Dr. Markus said, “When it comes to implementation of training, a bridge is required to achieve that, which AMANTECH successfully provides”.
The program pilot of about 165 students and another batch of 115 students have received their vocational training at AMANTECH and departing to their on job training.
This visit marks the importance of vocational training for Pakistan.

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