Samsung’s vision for “bringing the future home,” Mr. Yoon


The President and CEO of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Boo-Keun Yoon delivered the opening keynote speech at IFA 2014, calling on the consumer electronics industry to agree on open industry standards so that the ‘Home of the Future’can meet the demands of people and adapt to their unique needs and lifestyles.

“The home of the future is not about the technology, nor is it about being smart and connected,” Mr. Yoon said. “It’s about human-based innovation. It’s about technology that isn’t overwhelming and works discretely behind the scenes to adjust to consumers’ needs at the right time.”

As part of Samsung’s vision for “bringing the future home,” Mr. Yoon said the ‘Home of the Future’ will adapt to people’s needs through three key attributes, ultimately becoming a home that cares for people:

* Show Me: It will make complex data visible and useful so people can make better choices.

* Know Me: It will learn people’s needs and recognize lifestyle patterns.

* Tell Me: It will proactively adjust to their needs and provide suggestions without being asked.

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