PTA shows its true face against MOIT and ICH


Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has written to LDI companies regarding the Sindh High Court’s stay order against Ministry of Information and Technology policy directive. The stay order  has stopped the implementation of  the policy directive that saw International Clearing House will be abolished and LDI companies will work individually.

LDI companies were angry on this policy directive due to ADG, Circle Net and Telecard companies out of fourteen took action and filed petition in Sindh High Court.  In the initial proceedings Sindh High Court issued the stay order and the next hearing is due on 18th of July.  This is the primary stage of this case and much is expected to happen in next hearings and final decision is yet to be made.

It is interesting to note that MOIT hasn’t reacted or taken back its policy directive yet. However PTA has issued a formal letter acknowledging Sindh High Court decision and informed all LDI companies involved in ICH. PTA has taken a bold move considering that MOIT has yet to take action on Sindh High Court’s order. Many in telecom sector believe that PTA has shown clear division from MOIT stance on ICH and has taken the route to support LDI companies. This is seen as an attempt by PTA to gain sympathy and support from LDI companies.

There was a meeting in PTA where LDI companies were angry at PTA itself that it was responsible for abolition of ICH. This is one of the reasons why many believe PTA has taken this action of writing to LDI companies.


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