Supreme Court dismissed PTCL appeal on broadband rate


PTCL CEO Mr. Waleed  Ershiad and his team face an unexpected shock as Supreme Court has dismissed PTCL appeal on accounts separation of retail and wholesale broadband. This is welcoming news for the internet service providers and the internet industry as a whole as they are now protected from predatory pricing and undercutting by PTCL in broadband market.

Two years ago Pakistan Telecom Authority took action on PTCL’s monopolistic activities and took action on this. However PTCL was not happy about it and on the orders of Waleed Ershiad, PTCL filled appeal in Islamabad High Court which was turned down. PTCL then appealed in Supreem Court which has now also dismissed the case yesterday.

Many believe that today was welcoming day for the internet and broadband industry. After this decision consumers of other companies will have to pay the same rate as PTCL customers creating equality in the market

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