POST ICH. Smaller companies are protected and no monopoly. PTA


PTCL, Mobilink and Telenor have proposed that Pakistan Telecom Authority’s regulation and monitoring on International incoming calls should be put to an end and should be made open to all. So that everyone can participate in receiving international calls according to their potential and resources.

Pakistan Telecom Authority should abolish settlement rate like it abolished International Calling House. This proposal was made by these three companies last week in a meeting held at PTA headquarters. During this meeting post ICH scenario was discussed and deliberated on.

It seems that these companies have proposed this in light of the fact that they will be able to enjoy better profits in absence of ICH. This would certainly create problems for small telecom companies that will not be able to face the competition from larger entities in the market. The main target of these proposal will be Zong and Warid. PTCL has Ufone whereas Mobilink and Telenor have local loops and LDI companies. They can easily facilitate incoming international calls whereas Warid and Zong don’t have have the similar infrastructure.

Fixed line companies were present in Pakistan Telecom Authority in meeting held separately last week proposed that they will not be paying mobile termination rate (MTR) after all the abolition of ICH.  This meeting which was also attended by  Walid Irshaid , CEO of PTCL who expressed serious concern at the report of PTA to abolition ICH.  PTA officers took a stand that ICH was to be abolished at the advice of Ministry of Information and Technology (MOIT). Walid Irshaid rejected the statement of PTA officers on the basis of the letter he had that clearly showed PTA’s recommendation to MOIT to abolish ICH.

According to confirmed sources that there is going to be another meeting in Karachi and Lahore so that PTA can consult with telecom companies regarding post ICH scenario. PTA has told telecom companies that final notification would be issued in the light of their proposals and recommendations.  It is important for PTA to hold a decision that is in favor of the telecom sector and not for a small group of entities.  For the market it is mandatory that smaller companies are protected and no monopoly is created.

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