Nayatel announced cable tv charges from 1.June


NAYATEL announced Digital Cable TV charges affected from June 2014.  Company said in release that we always aim at providing high quality services to our customers at affordable and competitive prices. In line with this aim, we have been providing Digital Cable TV Services to our valued customers without any additional monthly charges for last six years despite the fact that all other cable operators charge Rs. 200-300 per month per TV connected to a digital set top box (STB), in addition to regular analog cable TV charges of Rs. 400-500 per month. Keeping in view the increasing operational costs, it is not feasible for us anymore to keep offering Digital Cable TV services free of cost.

Our new rates for Digital Cable TV customers effective 01 June 2014 will be Rs. 200 per month in addition to Rs. 400 for normal Analog Cable TV services. To facilitate our customers, we have decided not to charge for each digital set top box but to apply these charges for up to four digital STBs per customer.

In summary, the new charges of Nayatel Cable TV services effective 01 June 2014 will be as follows:

o   Analog Cable TV: Rs. 400, up to 4 TV sets (no increase)

o   Digital Cable TV: Rs. 200 up to 4 TV sets (a digital STB is required for each TV)

o   HD Cable TV: Rs. 200 per HDBox/TV (no increase)

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