World’s first Braille phone

OwnFone, a London-based firm, has released the world’s first Braille phone that is invented by using customized 3D printing techniques.
The company has attributed that the phone is the first of its kind to go on sale for customers and is currently available only in the UK, BBC reports.
The phone’s inventor Tom Sunderland said that the phone is unique in characteristic of its 3D printing techniques that provide a fast and cost- effective way to create personalized Braille buttons.
The firm’s website also provides access to users to create a customized design of the phone that they wish to purchase.
The phone’s essential features include its user-friendly small structure and varied colorful designs.
The Braille phone is based on a combination of designs that include not only 3D printing, but also has pre-programmable buttons for crucial contacts.
Through this, blind users can use their phones to establish instant networking with their friends and family.

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