Warid license dose not provide QOS and KPIs for 4G/LTE services


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has said that it has received a letter from Warid Telecom explaining their desire to launch 4G/ LTE services on their existing cellular mobile license issued to them in 2004. A Spokesperson of PTA has said that PTA is reviewing the request of Warid on the basis of relevant license clauses, and current regulatory framework.

The Spokesperson further said that the existing license of Warid is technology-neutral but it does not provide any Quality of Service (QoS) parameters and service Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) for the 4G / LTE services. Hence, Warid will have to comply with the QoS parameters and KPIs laid down by PTA for the 4G / LTE services. Offer of 4G/LTE services by Warid will have to go through a process as per their license as well as requirements of assuring proper coverage, quality of service, enhanced monitoring requirements etc. This may also require changes to Warid’s existing Cellular Mobile Telephony Services License.

For this Warid will have to send in a proper request and provide their detailed information and technical plan. The Spokesperson further said that Warid should provide details about how much spectrum would be carved out from the 8.8 MHz in 1800 band for the LTE services and its impact on the existing GSM/GPRS/EDGE customers. Specific information about the version of LTE to be deployed shall also be provided to PTA as all the releases of LTE do not satisfy the requirements of the IMT–Advanced (4G) Standards.

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