3G services improve quality of communications. WB


 World Bank (WB) is considering Next Generation Mobile Award (NGMA) in Pakistan as a key economic booster while also anticipated likely unfair competition for some Pakistani products regarding Non Discriminatory Market Access (NDMA) to India by Pakistan.
Jose Calix WB’s Pakistan Lead Country Economist responding to Daily Times said, “3G/4G services will certainly contribute to increase the amount of telecom services and by the same token, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) value. But, we do have concrete estimates measuring such potential impact”.
The expert said 3G services would contribute to improve not only the coverage but also the quality of communications, which would bring huge benefits to the economy and Pakistanis’ standards of living.
Answering to a query on projected 3G-penetration in Pakistan, the economist said, “Penetration of mobile and telecom services keeps steadily increasing during the last years, despite low education shortcomings in part of its population. As it gets introduced, government and mobile companies have a common interest to jointly define the minimum standards of service delivery”.

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