Oslo Norway ( MEDIA ) Telenor Norway has announced that as part of a cost cutting measure 182 staff have accepted an offer of voluntary redundancy at the company. In total 266 staff applied, and 182 were accepted. More than 100 people are also expected to leave for early retirementRead More →

LAHORE (MEDIA )A man was arrested on Wednesday for hacking into a cellular company’s database and uploading the information of its subscribers on a website. Mubashar Shahzad, a resident of Kasur, was arrested after the National Response Centre for Cyber Crime (NR3C) of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) traced hisRead More →

KARACHI ( MEDIA ) The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) arrested two top officials of the leading US-based Hewlett Packard company’s Pakistan chapter for tax evasion late on Thursday evening. It is a part of, what the FBR sources say, a massive crackdown on multinational companies engaged in tax evasion.Read More →