WhatsApp. 64 billion messages in 24 hours


WhatsApp handled a record 64 billion messages in 24 hours as the messaging service, which  recently agreed to be acquired by Facebook for $19 million continues to demonstrate strong growth.

In an official tweet, the company said it saw 20 billion messages sent (inbound) and 44 billion messages received (outbound) during the course of a single day. The difference in number of inbound and outbound messages is due to WhatsApp enabling messages to be sent to multiple users.

In January, WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Kourm  revealed that the company was processing 54 billion messages per day (18 billion inbound and 36 billion outbound).

WhatsApp is acknowledged as the world’s most popular messaging app with 450 million monthly active users, with rivals such as LINE, WeChat and Viber also showing impressive growth.

The success of these messaging apps is putting pressure on the SMS revenue of operators as consumers increasingly communicate using mobile internet or Wi-Fi connections.


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