Import of IT equipment showing decline following harassment action by the FBR


The documented and regulated imports of IT equipment have started showing decline following harassment action by the FBR’s intelligence agency against the distributors and importers of computer hardware apparatus and equipment.

 Information collected by this scribe revealed that the importers have suddenly stopped imports of IT equipment and apparatus following recent cases framed by the importers of it equipment. As a result, the local availability of the imported computer hardware has drastically decreased creating shortage in the market. The action against one big importer has forced the others to remain at the sideline to avoid any similar kind of harassment by them.

 The small and medium businessmen and vendors in computer sector are major affectees and suffering in this situation. In coming days, it is apprehended that the equipment like laptops, toners and cartridges etc., would be vanished from the market.

 A leading Islamabad-based importer and vendor of computers told this scribe that it is almost impossible to meet the demands of IT equipment due to shortage at the level of distributors. The stoppage of imported consignments has created severe shortage of such equipment in the local market. Following apprehensions of the arrest, the legitimate importers are reluctant to import such apparatus. This has resulted in shortage of equipment by the distributors at the local level.

 The market sources claim that until the FBR dispel fear of harassment among the importers of IT sector, the shortage of such equipment would further increase in coming days. The industry has demanded that tax authorities must intervene and stop such harassment by the directorate of intelligence IR for smooth functioning of the IT sector in the country.

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