Mr. Akhlaq get cabinet division to control PTA


The Federal Government gave additional charge to Mr. Akhlaq Ahmad Tarar of Ministry Cabinet. This step is to further bring PTA under the direct control Mr Akhlaq Tarrar.  This comes with the 3G auction drawing close. The PML (N) government is very much interested in keeping the auction in its complete control.  Mr Akhalq has been working as Secretary of IT and Telecom and had been pivotal in the telecom sector and the incoming auction.

Mr Tarar is known for his active involvement and finding solution to an ongoing rift between high ups in Telecom Authority. Now with this extra charge under his belt he will be able to exercise more control over the authority. It is important to note here that PTA has the mandate to obey under the policy directive that is issued from Ministry of IT and Telecom but management control with cabinet division.  

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