3G Auction. Serious Deadlock Between Chairman and Member Finance


Serious deadlock between Chairman PTA and Member Finance, PTA has lead to the nonpayment to foreign consultants that were hired for the auction of 3G. Considering the complexity of the issue, the Ministry of Finance has intervened in this case however according to the information of reliable sources; the payments have yet not been made to the Value Partners.

For the information of our readers, the Telecom Authority had to pay $1.7million to the Value Partners to conduct auction process of 3G Spectrum. According to the contract, the PTA had to pay the Value Partners on the successful completion of 3 mutually agreed stages. The Value Partners, however, had started the pre-auction process.

According to the value partners, the Chairman PTA has approved to pay the agreed amount but Tariq Sultan, Member Finance PTA has refused to do so. It has been learnt that a high profile meeting within the Ministry of Finance had been called on to settle this dispute but the telecom authority is so far unable to share the latest developments with the media.

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