After FAB Moitt Conducted FIA for investigation


Ministry infomation & telecom has forwarded FIA Public sector projects for further investigation. Moitt earlier these projects hand over to Fab.On directions of Minister of State for IT, an Internal Audit was conducted by Ministry of Information Technology to ascertain the true facts. On the basis of which it appears that inefficiency of employees and ex-employees of PCB and EGD have caused financial, administrative and procedural irregularities resulting in a loss to the public exchequer. In this regard, detailed Internal Audit report of the thirteen PSDP (IT) Projects of PCB and EGD has been forwarded to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for further investigation and prosecution as required. The projects include ‘Provision of E-Services at CDA, Islamabad’, ‘M/o Information Technology – Health NET Telemedicine Project for Rural/Remote Areas in Punjab (Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi)’, ‘HMIS and Networking facilities at Children Hospital, PIMS, Islamabad’, ‘E-Enablement of Establishment Division’, ‘Federal Government Data Centre and Intranet’, ‘E-Services at Chief/Deputy Commissioner’s Office’, ‘E-Services of Islamabad Police’, ‘E-Office at MoIT’, ‘E-Office Replication at Federal Ministries/Divisions’, ‘E-Services at FIA’, ‘E-Services at Ministry of Health’, ‘E-Services at Ministry of Interior’ and ‘E-Services at Ministry of Population’.  

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