Telecom operators are catelizing against consumers


consumer-rights2All telecom operators are cartelizing to mint money from overly burdened telecom consumers.  Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, as always, is likely to remain silent.

Mobilink, Telenor and Ufone, as per the announcements published on their websites, will charge 10 paisas plus tax extra for each and every call made by their prepaid customers from next week.

Telenor announce Call setup charges of 10 paisa + tax will be deducted on every charged, free or bundle call from 30th December 2013.

UFONE also do it and announce that Effective from 25th December 2013, a tariff increase of 10paisa+tax per call will be applicable on all PrePaid and Uth Pack local, nationwide and international calls and voice packages, including the offers, discounted rates and bundled offers made available there in.

Same announce from Mobilink Effective from 28th December, a call setup fee of 10 paisa + tax will be charged on all calls including discounted calls. The existing call setup fee of 15 paisa + tax on all local call base rates will be reduced to 10 paisa + tax as well.

Call setup charges will be charged on per call basis (instead of per minute basis).

Zong and Warid are likely to impose similar charges as well.

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