Celluler Leadrers and Govt Officals Reviewed the Supreme Court LATEST Ordar


There have been two high level meetings in past 48 hours between various entities of telecom sector. One meeting was held between private mobile companies Head of departments and CEOs whereas second meeting was between cellular companies directors and telecom authority.  In the second meeting there was representation of security agencies and concern ministry. The reliable source from Telecom sector inform Telecoalert.com.

These meetings were host to serious and heated debates on Supreme Court ruling on telecom sector. Telecom companies showed serious concerns on these rulings and said that the implementation of Supreme Court orders will be devastating on the telecom sector.

In these meetings the recommendation of PTA chairman and ruling of Supreme Court were reviewed thoroughly. Supreme court have been issued new order last week to curb the illegal Sims crims. Chairman Pakistan Telecom Authority have compile the recommendation in this regards  which become the basis of supreme court order. The main points of supreme courts order are as fellow,

1.       That not more than 2 Sims would be activated per IMEI per day

2.       That it would not be allowed to activate more than 5 SIMS per IMEI

3.       That all the CMOs through the Pakistan MNP Database (PMD) company will find out all those CNIC’s against whom 10 or more SIMs are registered. With the cooperation of PTA these numbers will called and asked the secret questions ( Mother’s name and place of birth). In case of correct answers they would be asked about the numbers issues against their names and the ones they want to keep up so maximum of five, while the rest would be blocked. In case of incorrect answer, all corresponding SIMs would be blocked.

4.       All CMOs along with PTA will identify suspected numbers from the usage and location point of view and will close them down if after calling them the secret information is not verified

5.       The CMOs will keep strict check on their retailers and franchises for conformance, especially keeping in view the information provided by LEAs and PTA.

6.       That PTA will start process of type approval of phones

7.       That Customer authorities will not allow the import of phones without proper IMEIs.

Teleco alert get the copy of recomandation and court odares attached.sup 008

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