Warid successfully deploys Biometric Verification System


Warid Telecom, the most reliable service provider, in accordance with the regulations of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), has successfully started implementing Biometric Verification System at its Business Centers and Franchises all over Pakistan.

The newly implemented verification system introduced by Warid, will facilitate its customers to provide their fingerprints for authentication against their CNIC data held with NADRA. After verification of the authenticity of the CNIC holder, the SIM will be activated against customers  name. The complete verification process will take just 15 seconds.

On the auspicious occasion Mr. Muhammad Amjad-Regional Head Franchise & Distribution said, “Warid Telecom considers implementation of policies and regulations of national benefit as top priority, especially in the wake of the security situation of our country. We, as a responsible telecommunication organization, have taken the step to implement Biometric Verification System at our outlets all over the country and will serve to provide security parameters.”

The deployment of Biometric Verification System assurances successful contribution of Warid towards national policies implementation.

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