Google to block 100,000 terms associated with child sexual abuse, Hindi may be included soon


Goggle and Microsoft have finally bowed to the media campaign and the government pressure with leading search engines deciding to block 100,000 terms associated with online child sexual abuse.

The move has been hailed by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron who has been advocating stern action against pornography on internet.

According to Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt, the clean-up process was the result of efforts by a 200-strong team. These 100,000 that are being targeted can be used to locate child sexual abuse images, he said.

He said that soon150 languages will be included in the clean-up process.  Additionally, 13,000 queries associated with child abuse imagery are also attracting warning.

According to The Guardian, YouTube engineers have created new technology to identify videos made by paedophiles. Google has been working with Microsoft to identify child abuse images.

In an interview in July Cameroon called upon the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to block these contents, especially the images of child pornography.

Getting harsh on these search engines Cameron said that he had a very clear message for Google, Bing, Yahoo and the rest and they must have a duty to act on this and it is a moral duty.

The controversy erupted after the death of two children in Britain and later it suggested that the killers had online child pornography.

Going by the Google announcement, soon Hindi terms could also been included in the clean-up process. Taking serious note of the pornographic sites, especially the child pornography which has resulted in the sex crimes against women and children in the country, the Supreme Court in July sent notice to Information and Technology, Information ministry along with the Broadcasting and Home Affairs ministries seeking their views on the ban on porn sites.

This was in response to the petition filed by one Kamlesh Vaswani an Indore-based advocate which said that in the porn material freely available on these sites is responsible for crimes against women.

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